Hotel reviews of the natur hotel Edelweiss

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Reviews by our guests
5.60 from 6
„Hotel better in life than on the website“

„loved our stay, would definitely come back. I would say the food needs a bit of attention to detail. Also there were no staff around the pool area to check on things. “

5.87 from 6
„Best place to stay “

„We really enjoyed staying in the hotel. We travell a lot, staying in many hotels. This hotel gave us one of our best experiences. “

5.89 from 6

„The location is beatiful and the hotel offers to me everything I need for relaxing but also for playing sports. Everything put you in a confort zone where you can relax and enjoy the high quality of the hotel, the food, the Spa. “

5.36 from 6
„Hmmm, don't understand this. Sorry !!“

„I really loved staying with you. It's so de-stressing, fantastic dinner, relaxing - outstanding view. You have updated the hotel since last we visited you, and it's even a better hotel now.“

6.00 from 6
„An amazing experience“

„We enjoyed every bit of the holiday except the drive from Copenhagen to Austria. The traffic was really bad. We loved your hotel.“

5.33 from 6
„Enjoyable stay“

„Exclusive experiance. Lovely hotel. Wonderful view. ............................................... .........

5.49 from 6

„Best holiday
Excellent surroundings
World class drinks
Friendly staff
Good food - the vegetarian and fish dishes was lovely“

5.88 from 6
„A wonderful holiday in Austria “

„5 nights with the family, came for hiking. Used the hotel as a base for a great start in the morning, and a nice rest in the evenings. Loved all the culinary aspects. The friendliness and the competency of the personnel is remarkable. “

5.68 from 6
„Everything was perfect“

„We have stayed in many hotels during the years, but the level of professionalism and a complete perfect package as at Edelweiss, we have not tried before. Everything was ideal. The surroundings, the staff, the food, the spa, the bar, the amenities, everything“

5.38 from 6
„Perfect, as always“

„Perfect, as always. All of you made the stay perfect for us. In general Edelweiss radiates "Hygge" and this is very very important for us when we choose a hotel. This is truly our "secret hide-away" in the mountains for both winter and summer holiday.“