The Art of Mindfulness

Qi Gong & Lu Jong on the mountain

Qi Gong is the traditional Chinese Art of activating life energy and vitality that has been practiced in China for thousands of years to maintain healthy and for self-healing.

Lu Jong is a ancient, around 8000 thousand years old, collection of exercises, which is composed of smooth movements. With the movements you will achieve slowly a deep harmony between body, mind and soul.

Saskia Bergmüller is a trained and experienced Qi Gong & Lu Jong Teacher and nutritionist for Chinese dietetics. She has a wide spectrum of acquired knowledge of varied alternative teachings and techniques (Ayurveda, traditional Chines medicine).

Active awakening with Qi Gong

Once a week you can become familiar and experience Qi Gong free of charge. With simple exercises and explanations we’ll start into the day together. In nice weather it will take place outside in nature, otherwise in our seminar room.

We gladly offer private instructions. We can also submit offers for seminars for larger groups.

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Edelweiss Philosophy

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