Ayurveda in the wellness hotel in Austria

The balance of well-being - in the Edelweiss Nature Hotel in Wagrain

Gentle touches, silk gloves and the scent of sesame oil will let you immerse in a different world and help you forget everything around you. Ayurveda treatments bring you in balance on all levels and your natural vitality is restored.

This traditional Asian medicine is becoming more and more popular in Europe. In our Western hemisphere, Ayurveda practices can be found especially in the wellness sector.

The holistic system of Ayurveda (which means “worldly wisdom” in Sanskrit) belongs to the traditional alternative medicine and aims at harmonising all energies in the body to increase physical health and mental well-being.

With its variety of offers, the Edelweiss Nature Hotel presents itself as an ideal place to find onesself again, to relax and to unwind. Fill up on energy with one of our treatments tailored individually to your needs:

59.00 Mukabhyanga - Face + Back Massage

Deeply penetrating relaxing practice, loosens tensions under the skins surface and in your mind in an etheric way, brings the cerebral hemisphere into balance and activates the upper energy centres.

Dauer 45 min. Price per unit

60.00 Back Massage

Gentle massage with warm sesame oil –comforting and reviving at the same time, especially for stress and sleeplessness.

Dauer 45 min. Price per unit

90.00 Abhyanga (long)

Gentle practice with warm sesame oil - soothing and invigorating at the same time particularly for stress and insomnia.

Dauer 90 min. Price per unit

72.00 Abhyanga (small)

Gentle practice with warm sesame oil - soothing and invigorating at the same time particularly for stress and insomnia.

Dauer 60 min. Price per unit

28.00 Children’s Massage

A gentle massage, individually customized to the children’s wishes (back, head and/or foot) to prevent and loosen muscle tenseness.
After the massage the children will get children’s cocktail at the bar.

Dauer 25 min. Price per unit

27.00 After sport - for lazy legs

New technique with Permanent Contour – revives tired legs. This massage with warm stamps has a diuretic effect.
It neutralizes acidy tissue deposits and offers long lasting nurturing and care.

Dauer 30 min. Price per unit

All the indicated prices are in € (EUR) per person and treatment. Prices are subject to printing errors, prior sale and price changes.

Traditional Ayurveda treatments find their place in hectic everyday life to relieve stress, mental tiredness, imbalance and physical discomfort. The sesame oil quickly enters the tissue where it acts as a nutrient for the cells and organs, detoxifies and increases the body’s self-perception.

You want to book an Ayurveda treatment? We look forward to hearing from you!

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