Yoga holidays near Salzburg

Weekly yoga classes in the Austrian mountains

Bright eyes & open hearts.

At the Naturhotel Edelweiss in Wagrain we offer weekly Lu Jong, Qi Gong and Yoga classes.

From Tibetan healing yoga to Chinese movementa and concentration forms to athletic Ashtanga yoga and Vinyasa Flow, there is something for every taste.

The Naturhotel Edelweiss is surrounded by lush meadows, lakes, mountains and fresh air, perfect for strengthen the spirit, rediscover the inner balance, fill up with new life force, come to rest ....

A holiday in the midst of the Wagrainer mountains will do you good and strengthen you for everyday life.

In addition to the group lessons, we also offer individual- privat units for one or two persons . Our highly trained and competent yoga instructors are here to help you with effective individual training lessons.

Benefit from the personal support and support as well as the individually tailored to your needs program.

Whether you already have yoga experience or are absolute beginners - everyone is welcome!

Breathing exercises, meditation and exercise provide a perfect combination to re-encounter oneself and nature as well as to reconcile body, mind and soul.

Relaxation begins in the head. Take the first step to more well-being and request a non-binding offer for your break at the Naturhotel Edelweiss in Wagrain!

For more information about our Lu Jong, Qi Gong and Yoga units, you can contact us at any time by phone +43 6413/8447 or by email at

Unsere Yoga-Lehrer:

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