A bit closer to heaven

Our hotel is located on the sunny Weberlandl plateau, 1200m above sea level, in the heart of one of the most beautiful regions in Austria. You will enjoy the magnificent mountain panorama, the exquisite peace and calmness in an intact nature and evenings with beautiful starry skies.

Health enhancing

Did you know that just alone spending about 1-2 weeks in a higher altitude is health promoting? This effect can be increased considerably by physical exercise. Scientific studies (AMAS, 2000/2006) have proven this:

  • Improvement of the cardio-vascular performance
  • Considerable declension of high blood pressure
  • Reduction of body weight without actually going on a diet
  • Improves the blood lipid- and blood sugar metabolism
  • The oxygen transport by red blood cells is improved
  • “Oxidative Stress” is reduced – reduction of free radicals
  • The psychological well-being is improved (e.g. more positive attitude towards life, quality of sleep)
  • Fitness level is improved
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