Environment - Sustainability

The Hotel Edelweiss **** Wagrain not only sets high value on top quality when it comes to furnishings and the used materials, but also takes joy in taking on the responsibility of treating our environment in a sustainable way.

Green Spa - 100% Eco friendly

In December 2010 the first indoor pool to be planned and designed in Austria using the Passive House construction method was completed and opened in Wagrain. All structural components comply with this highest standard of energy-efficient construction.

The Green Spa only requires 25 percent of the energy that a comparable spa would need.  The use of geothermal energy makes our spa almost completely independent from external power. The environmental importance of energy efficiency was also considered in the outdoor area: The Green-Spa-Idea continues on under the open skies. The large swimming pond is sun-heated and - along with the lush sunbathing lawn - very popular in the summer time.


We received this commendation from the responsible governmental department because we use energy and water sensibly; we avoid waste, use regenerative raw materials and eco-friendly products.

EU-Eco label

The European Eco label is used as a cross-border environmental seal of quality that functions as a uniform identification mark for eco-friendly products and services on the European market.

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